We have seen in many occasions teachers strike in Kenya. It even occurred just this past month when school opened for a new term. The main reason cited is that their salaries are too low. This is the result of government policy which regards teachers as essential but rather cheaply hired members of society. “The strikes may have devastating effects to the students and the country in large as time which would have been used for something constructive is wasted and as it is, it cannot be recovered” according to Yahoo news.

Under the terms of the deal, public school teachers will get a pay rise of 5,250 shillings for the lowest paid, taking their pay to 19,000 shillings a month. The highest paid will get 142,000 shillings a month, a rise of 22,000 shillings.  Unions had demanded between 100 and 300 percent pay rises.

This strike went on for almost a month; whereby all the schools were closed.  I think the government’s idea to raise teachers pay was a good idea, because this lets them to go back to work as soon as possible to avoid students losing a lot of class.—




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